Thursday, July 7, 2016

Staying Cool During the Heat!

As temperature soars around the country this week, we want you to be able to stay cool and stay green at the same time!

Here are some great tips to staying cool WITHOUT turning on the a.c: 
(Many of these tips were was first published on Huffington Post in 2014)

1) Keep Your Blinds Closed! 
Did you know that up to 30% of unwanted heat comes from your windows? Keeping your shades closed can lower indoor temperatures by up to 20 degrees.

2) Keep Your Doors Open!
Closing off the rooms in your house will stop the cool air from flowing naturally throughout the home. Keep your doors open to keep the air flowing.

3) Turn Your Fan Into a Mini AC!
Fill a mixing bowl with ice and position it in front of the fan so that the air whips off the ice. The result will be a chilly wind that will cool you down faster than you can say, "ahhhh."

4) Change Your Bedsheets!
While many of us love our flannel sheets (they're so comfortable!), they're not very good for the hot summer months. Your best bet will be cotton sheets as they breathe easier and stay cooler.

5) Set Your Ceiling Fan to Counter-Clockwise
Seems simple enough, but have you ever really looked up to see which way your ceiling fan is turning? Set the fan counter-clockwise in the summer to create a cooling affect in the room.

6) Stay Hydrated!
Last, but certainly not least -- stay hydrated. Most of us forget that one of the simplest ways to stay cool is to cool down our own body temperature -- rather than the temperature of the room. Continuously drink ice-cold water or tea and you can beat the heat.

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