Monday, August 5, 2013

Yale EXPLO Volunteers

Ivy Street Garden

Yale EXPLO Volunteer Event


NHS recently hosted a group of Yale EXPLO Volunteers at Ivy Street Garden and neighborhood resident Ida Felder’s home. EXPLO is a summer program that provides courses at Yale and community service experience to 10th-12th graders from around the world. Volunteers assisted local gardeners in weeding, raking, mowing, and picking up trash at both sites.

We were thrilled with the work we were able to accomplish and thank everyone for their efforts!

If you'd like to find out more about the Yale EXPLO Program, check out their website here.

Winfred Rembert: Art in Motion

Art in Motion

Winfred Rembert Visits NHS of New Haven

On Wednesday, July 31, NHS hosted an organization-wide screening of the documentary "All Me: The Life and Times of Winfred Rembert." We were thrilled that Rembert and his wife Patsy, both residents of Newhalville, were able to attend the screening and speak to NHS staff about their experiences. A self-taught artist, Rembert inspired us with his powerful, intricate paintings along with his incredible life experiences growing up in the segregated South. His works are largely autobiographical, depicting daily life along with traumatic encounters with bigotry and discrimination. Using sheets of carved and dyed leather as his medium, he composes a narrative of his time working in the cotton fields, being incarcerated, and serving in a chain gang. One of his most painful and moving pieces, on display at the Yale Art Gallery, depicts his experience surviving a lynching.

His remarkable abilities as an artist and storyteller are only surpassed by his ability as a human being to triumph in the face of adversity. We at NHS felt truly privileged to spend an evening with Winfred and Patsy, and encourage everyone to watch the documentary and provide their support to the artist.

If you'd like to watch "All Me: The Life and Times of Winfred Rembert" yourself, check it out here.

Contemporary Architecture Bike Tour

Touring New Haven

Touring New Haven’s Contemporary Architecture - by Bike!

On Saturday, June 29th, as part of the final day of the International Festival of Arts and Ideas, Elm City Cycling organized an architecture tour that lead participating bikers to architecturally significant houses located across New Haven’s neighborhoods. Since 1989, first-year Yale architecture students have participated in an annual competition, held during their spring semester, for which they must design an innovative, affordable, and livable housing scheme. One winning design is selected, and the architecture students (and some faculty members) construct the house over the course of the summer. Along with Habitat for Humanity, Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven has frequently partnered with the Yale School of Architecture for the annual Building Project; NHS funds the project and sells the house to a first-time homebuyer. 

The tour biked along a 10-mile route to visit 12 of these projects, all houses with the exception of the first completed project, which was the East Rock Park gazebo. There was no better way to view some of New Haven's best architecture sights! At tour's end, the 28 participants biked to 20 King Place in the Hill neighborhood. There, the homeowner greeted them with refreshment and a spread of snacks for the weary bikers. The real reward for many of the visitors was getting to see the inside of the contemporary-styled house and having a discussion with the homeowner about her experiences residing in it.

To read more about the Yale Building Projects that Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven has collaborated on, click here. To read more on the history of the Yale Building Project and more from the Yale School of Architecture, click here.

NW America Features Tammy Chapman

NeighborWorks® America’s Website: New Haven’s Feature!

Tammy Chapman's Featured Impact

Our parent organization, NeighborWorks® America, is a federally funded organization that oversees a network of more than 235 organizations- all with a mission to stable communities and create affordable housing opportunities for low- and moderate-income individuals and their families. In an effort to quantify all the work accomplished by the NeighborWorks® network, a state-by-state interactive map and infographic was devised. By clicking on any state on the map, you will see a profile of NeighborWorks® organizations’ impact on the state PLUS a story from a featured NeighborWorks® Organization.

Check it out here!

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