Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September 1st! Join the GoNewHavenGo Contest!

Happy September! It is time for the annual goNewHavengo transportation contest!

Last year, the Healthy City Healthy Climate Challenge started goNewHavengo in partnership with NuRide, CT DOT and the City of New Haven.

NHS participated in the contest and won first place among the participating organizations, and many NHS staff were also winners in individual categories!

This year we are thrilled that the City of New Haven has taken the lead on goNewHavengo is running not just the contest, but lots of related events during the entire month of September. The contest involves logging onto NuRide http://www.nuride.com, and tracking any trip you take that includes carpooling, walking, biking, or using transit. In addition to the contest prizes, NuRides awards great coupons for those who log their trips, and you can continue to reap the NuRide rewards even after the September contest ends.

Log on to goNHgo today to join the challenge and support this incredible initiative!

About the Healthy City, Healthy Climate Challenge:

NHS of New Haven is one of the founding organizations of the Healthy City Healthy Climate Challenge, which aims to encourage behavioral change that is healthy for you and the planet, by focusing on five areas where we all make individual choices: transportation, food, electricity, waste management, and communicating to make policy changes. Many of us aren’t even aware of the impact these choices can make on reducing greenhouse gasses, and sometimes we don’t even know we have choices in all these areas that are easy, inexpensive, and impactful. Join us! Take this simple 5-step pledge and you can reduce your personal carbon footprint by 20%!

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